On Gözlü (Ten-Arched) Bridge (Pira Dehderî-Pira Mervaniyan),on,gözlü,ten,arched,bridge,pira,dehderî,pira,mervaniyan

On Gözlü (Ten-Arched) Bridge (Pira Dehderî-Pira Mervaniyan)

Spanning the Tigris River, Ten Arched Bridge is located on the old Mardin Road, some three kilometers south of the Mardin Gate. At the foot of Kırklar Mountain, this bridge is also known as the Tigris Bridge or the Silvan Bridge. According to some sources, the bridge was built in 515 B.C.E. by Anastasias the First, and was destroyed and rebuilt in the middle of the eighth century by the Umayyad Caliphate Hisham. The French architect and archaeologist Albert Gabriel, meanwhile, suggests that the bridge is much older, whereas an inscription between the first three arches of the bridge on the south claims that the structure was built by the architect Sancaroğlu Ubeydoğlu Yusuf between the years of 1065 and 1067 by the Marwanid Dynasty.The bridge is flat and built of basalt stone, and is composed, as the name suggests, of ten arches. The middle three sections are quite narrow, while the five sections to the west are quite wide. In recent years, for reasons of historical preservation, the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality closed the bridge to traffic and constructed another functioning bridge, the Marwanid Bridge, in its place.

Deve Geçidi Bridge,deve,geçidi,bridge

Deve Geçidi Bridge (Pira Neqeba Deveyan)    

This bridge is some 20 kilometers to the north of Diyarbakır, on the road to Ergani, over the Deve Geçidi Brook. On the southern section of the bridge are three inscriptions. According to what they record, the bridge was made in 1218 by the Artuqid ruler Melik Salih Nâsıreddin Mahmud. The bridge has seven section, a pointed or lancet arch, and is made entirely of cut basalt stone. The bridge was last repaired in 1972.