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Erdebil Mansion(Qesra Ber Derê Pirê),erdebil,mansion,qesra,ber,derê,pirê

Erdebil Mansion(Qesra Ber Derê Pirê)

Some five kilometers from the city center on the old route to Mardin is this lovely mansion. Built in 512 C.E. and setting a precedent for all other mansions along the Tigris River Valley, the original architectural form was altered during the period of the White Sheep Turcomans and again more recently with a set of historical restoration efforts, carried out by the Diyarbakır Foundation for Culture and Promotion. The three-floor mansion sits on a high hill just west of the Ten-Sectioned Bridge. Structurally, the building is rectangular in form and made of cut basalt and limestone. The ceiling of the basement floor is vaulted. On the first floor is an eyvan, a room, and a kitchen, and on the second floor, another room and a terrace. Following the recent restorations, the mansion garden was transformed into a restaurant servicing local and foreign visitors.





Sem’an Mansion - Gazi Mansion(Koşka Xazî),sem,an,mansion,gazi,mansion,koşka,xazî

Sem’an Mansion - Gazi Mansion(Koşka Xazî)

This mansion is 5 kilometers from the city center, again on the old road to Mardin. Built during the Ak Koyunlu period in the 15th century, this mansion exhibits many of the architectural characteristics of the period. More recently, because Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed here while serving as an army commander, the structure is also called Gazi Mansion, after one of Atatürk’s many appellations.
The building is two stories high and rectangular in shape, and stretches from east to west. Part of the structure is built in alternating patterns of black basalt and white limestone. On the lower floor is a room called the tea room, a kitchen, and an ornamented eyvan covered by a cradle vault, while the base, decorated with rounded archways, is made of marble. Water flows from a rectangular pool through a sealed channel to a larger pool in the courtyard. On the second floor are a terrace and a room used today to display a number of goods belonging to Atatürk. Recent renovations have added restaurants and cafes. It’s a fine place for those wishing to escape the summer heat and enjoy a great view of the Tigris River Valley.

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