Free transportation to the cemeteries from the metropolitan city

The Metropolitan Municipality started giving free services on 16 different buses on 8 different routes on Thursdays in order to ensure convenient transportation to the citizens' graveyards.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Park Garden and Green Areas Department and Health Affairs Department started a new application to make it easier for citizens to reach Yeniköy, Alipınar, Martyrdom and Mardinkapı graveyards on Thursdays. Between 14.00-17.00 on Thursdays at 8 different points of the city 16 buses will carry citizens free to the cemeteries. Citizens will receive tea, water and coffee during the cemeteries, and citizens who want to plant trees in the cemeteries will receive free seedlings.

The Metropolitan Municipality will also arrange for citizens who have passed away from their relatives to be brought to the cemeteries from the hospitals and left to condolence homes after the burial proceedings.

The routes of the buses to the cemeteries :

A5: 500 Houses-Deserted TOKİ-Yenihal Avenue-Yeniköy Cemetery-Karacadağ Street-Alipınar Cemetery-Martyrs Cemetery

AZ: Çölgüzeli TOKİ-Bağcılar Neighborhood-Yeniköy Cemetery-Karacadağ Street-Alipınar Cemetery-Martyrs Cemetery

B3: Talaytepe Neighborhood-Yenihal Caddesi-Yeniköy Cemetery-Karacadağ Street-Alipınar Cemetery-Martyrs Cemetery

CE2: Research Hospital-Mahabat Boulevard-Diclekent Boulevard-Selahattin Eyyubi Boulevard-Yenihal Caddesi-Yeniköy Cemetery-Karacadağ Caddesi-Alipınar Cemetery-Sehitlik Quarter

E3: Üçkuyu TOKİ-Research Hospital-Mahabat Boulevard-Diclekent Boulevard-Facilities-Emek Caddesi-Yeniköy Cemetery-Alipınar Cemetery-District Bus Station-Martyrs Cemetery-Mardinkapı Cemetery

F6: Şile Toplu Konut-Şanlıurfa Bulvarı-Karacadağ Street-Yeniköy Cemetery-Gürsel Street-Fatih Street-İstasyon Caddesi-Mardinkapı Cemetery

K1: Karpuzlu Village - Ovabağ Village - Mardinkapı Cemetery - Martyrs Cemetery - Karacadağ Street - Yeniköy Cemetery

Z2: Zümrütkent Street - Yeniköy Cemetery - Şanlıurfa Road - Turgut Ozal Bulvarı - Sunay Street - Akkoyunlu Street - Alipınar Cemetery - Martyrs Cemetery

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