Completed the asphalt work on Qamışlo Boulevard


Having completed the works using 40 thousand tons of asphalt in the 7,5 km Qamışlo Boulevard, which provides access to the airport, the Metropolitan Municipality continues on the asphalt work in Nazım Hikmet Caddesi and Benusen Quarter.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department Presidency teams, kenttin continues to work asphalting in many boulevards and cafes. The teams completed 39 thousand 165 tons of asphalt in Qamışlo Boulevard, which is 15 kilometers wide and 50 meters wide in Bağlar district. In order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, the teams that draw the road lines on the bull, the landscaping at the entrance of the airport, the sidewalks and lighting works to be completed in 2017.


Nazım Hikmet Street used 4 thousand tons of asphalt

Kayapınar District Nazım Hikmet Street thousand 500-meter single-story four thousand tons of asphalt pave the crews to complete the work, if the weather conditions, if the remaining strip in one week plans to finish.

In Yenişehir district, Benusen Mahallesi 208th Street, teams of General Directorate of DİSKİ are finishing their infrastructural work and they are working on repairing and asphalting work on 700 meter road.

The Road Construction Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department teams, who work in different points of the city, will continue their asphalting work depending on the weather conditions.

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