Food inspection at workplaces

Metropolitan Municipality, in order to protect the health of the public, producing food, selling and storing the work was accelerated.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Health Control Department's Food Control teams continue to inspect the establishments producing, selling, processing and storing food products in the city. Bağlar district, Bagcilar district and Kayapınar district Diclekent Boulevard, restaurants and sweets circulating circles, workplaces, hygienic, physical and technical conditions in terms of inspection. On inspections, necessary actions were taken on business places that do not comply with hygiene regulations.

'We are conducting training services'

Nedim Yaşlı, Head of the Department of Health Affairs, who gives information about the inspections, said that as a result of the public health issue, they inspect the workplaces and "We inspect the establishments where food production, consumption, mass consumption and sales are made. When we are doing check-ins, we are actually doing not only the presentation areas, but especially the places where production is done. When doing these inspections, we do not just look at a deterrent or supervisor. At the same time we are carrying out information and education services. "


Every workplace is inspected 3 times a year

The public said that they wanted to make sure that the food production consumed was in a healthy environment and that they were trying to control at least 2 or 3 times a year in the establishments where 7 thousand businesses were located in the city and the food production, sales and mass consumption were done for this purpose.

He wanted the citizens to notify the municipalities of the workplaces that are not suitable for the physical and hygienic conditions and stated that the business owners should inform their employees about hygiene, healthy environment, physical and technical conditions.


White Flag application in progress

Regarding hygienic and technical White Flag applications for workplaces that are in compliance with food legislation, Elder said, "We consider the criteria that businesses should carry when conducting this project. These criteria include both technical, physical and hygienic conditions. For this purpose, we have one, two and three star business establishments and our documents and flags for auditing them. "

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